R&D Facilities

- We have a team of qualified specialists involved in chemical
synthesis of APIs and intermediates
- We’re specialized in process development, analytical
development and optimization for a quick industrialization and
production of validation batches
- We’re equipped with modern laboratories to run complex
chemical reactions
- We have an acidic resistant pilot plant to test the latest
version of the recipes defined at laboratory level and to
produce validation batches in GMP environment
- We’re used to perform comprehensive safety assessment
before running production at lab and pilot scale
- Scale-up activities can be done in any of the other available
- Our group is supported by Regulatory capable of drafting the
files for submission
in relevant countries (according to EU, US FDA and WHO
- Typical reactions and technologies applied:
- Oxidations (peroxides)
- Photo-oxidations
- Brominations
- Catalytic hydrogenations
• various catalysts (Ru, Rh, Pd, Pt)
• up to 50 bar
• up to 10 m3
- Catalytic carbonilation with CO
- Acetylations
- Friedel-Crafts
- Gas liquid reactions (by HCl gas)
- Grignard
- Esterifications
- Optical isomer resolution
- Nano particles production
- Crystallization controlled by optical fibers